New to Ubuntu: No mouse

Jonathan McLoughlin cjm at
Thu Mar 3 12:14:39 UTC 2005

What kind of mouse is it??
PS/2 USB serial???

Try entering the sim-linked value /dev/mouse into XF86Config-4

I have often used the gpmconfig in console mode to ID my mouse

Ron Keller wrote:

> I've just installed Ubuntu 3.6 and I have no mouse. I'm hoping that
> someone can help me figure oput how to get it working.
> If I boot the computer using the Ubuntu Live CD, the mouse is recognised
> as a generic serial mouse on /dev/ttyS0, and when the Ubuntu desktop
> comes up, I have mouse support  However, when I boot the computer using
> the installed version of Ubuntu ( installed from
> ubuntu-linux-i386-install cd), I have no mouse support on the desktop.
> I rebooted into runlevel 1 and logged in as root.  I edited the
> /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 file so the mouse device was /dev/ttyS0.  But when
> I rebooted the machine I still had no mouse support on the desktop. Any
> help would be apprecited.  Thanks
> Ron
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