Firefox slowing down

simon frost spli at
Thu Mar 3 10:15:37 UTC 2005

Ed Fletcher wrote:

> Firefox seems to have slowed down lately.  It often takes quite a 
> while to load a page and some pages never finish loading.  This 
> behavior only started in the last couple of days, so I'm wondering if 
> it is related to a recent update of something or other via Synaptic.
> Or is there just some DNS weirdness going on that is killing some 
> sites but not others?  For instance, Slashdot loads up quickly, but 
> (just to drive you all insanely jealous) the Chocolatefest page 
> ( doesn't.
> Is anyone else seeing the same things?
I'm getting the same problem, I've always had this issue and I have 
Ubuntu on two machines and they both show the same behaviour.  I do 
think it's something to do with DNS, but haven't had any time to 
investigate further.



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