Firefox slowing down

Ed Fletcher ed at
Thu Mar 3 05:45:07 UTC 2005

bored2k wrote:
> try about:config > disable networking_ipv6
> wget something to see if its specifically firefox ;
>>speed test urself
> want speed ? apt-get install lynx
> lightweight browser ... it wont appear on the panel so start from
> terminal...and stay there lol

I've already got that set.  But I just checked it anyway, just to make 
sure that it hadn't become unset.

And I installed lynx just after sending the message.  I was surprised 
that it wasn't part of the standard Warty load.  But maybe I just didn't 
select it when I did the install.

Did the speed test.  Haven't done that before.  Got good results:
2005-03-03 00:16:27 EST: 1250 / 526
Your download speed : 1280411 bps, or 1250 kbps.
A 156.3 KB/sec transfer rate.
Your upload speed : 538793 bps, or 526 kbps.

Lynx seems to be running sporadically also.  Sometimes dns info comes in 
right away and sometimes it sits there waiting for an answer.  A lot of 
the pages I try to view with Firefox will partially load and then hang 
waiting for the rest to show up.  Sometimes I get most of the page, 
sometimes I get almost nothing.  Doesn't seem to have any pattern to it.

I think that I'll leave it for now and see what it's doing tomorrow.

Thanks for your advice,
Ed Fletcher
ed at

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