Is there any way to speed up apt-get ?

Vincent Trouilliez vincent.trouilliez at
Wed Mar 2 17:22:20 UTC 2005

> Fetched 69.3MB in 2m30s (462kB/s)

I am jealous !

But, I think that 20Mbps is not worth the price (45 Euros per month on
Cable, 30 Euros on ADSL), because I tried to download X-Plane, over
300MB, and the server could not manage more than 15KByte per second !!!
And the bittorent file hardly manage more.

So I guess it will be some time before all servers can sustain a 20Mbps
user base.
The Ubuntu server seems quite fast though, I always get full speed
(120KB/s) no matter what day or time of the day I download from it. The
server being in the UK, not far from me then, probably helps.


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