Is there any way to speed up apt-get ?

Brian Puccio brian at
Wed Mar 2 05:15:25 UTC 2005

On Tue, 2005-03-01 at 23:47 -0500, s.roman wrote:
> In new york city, you can barely get anything above 5Mbps, and that's
> lucky. Most people with broadband only have 2 or 3Mbps, although
> Verizon is releasing Fiber at 15Mbps, but that's not gonna happen for
> quite some time. I'm surprised you can get 20Mbps so easily. Lots of
> people here still use free 56k connections, or even (gasp!) AOL

Move out to the suburbs!  (Yes, I'm a whiny, spoiled Long Islander.)

The local cable ISP offers 10mbit down and 1mbit up.  Plus my
neighborhood is slated to be a test area for Verizon's fibre this
summer.  I can't wait!
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