Hoary dualboot install on WinXP

Jonathan McLoughlin cjm at europe.renre.com
Tue Mar 1 12:46:23 UTC 2005

The partition tool is designed to partition disks and not resize 
partitions, you will need a partition tool similar to Partition Magic or 
the open source parted program. 'parted' is a decent tool with a nice 
GUI frontend developed known as 'qtparted', this is on alought of live 
distros, if you have a copy of Knoppix boot that up and run 'qtparted', 
advised to defrag your H/D first

Richard Barry wrote:

> I'd like to install Hoary on my new WinXP machine at work.  Problem is 
> the
> WinXP partition takes up the whole drive and I'll have to resize it to 
> make
> space for the Hoary install.  Can this be done by the Hoary 
> installer?  I've
> been off this list for a few months, and I'm not sure if Hoary can do 
> this,
> last time I checked it couldn't (Nov 04).  If not, any other free tool 
> I can
> use to do the resizing?
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