[Hoary] Kernel 2.6.10-4-686 & Change of AP & Screen-saver freeze

Anders Wallenquist anders.wallenquist at kreawit.se
Tue Mar 1 07:45:55 UTC 2005

Hello all!

Running Hoary on a laptop (HP NX7000) for a while now. It has not been 
any trouble before now. Usually i dont reboot  for days, just rechange 
the battry when its low. Thats not what happening now.

1) Kernel 2.6.10-4-686 (and 2.6.11) will hang during log-on thru gdm. 
Just before desktop-background show and after a few icons are displayed 
on the gnome-panel. Kernel 2.6.10-3 works like shoeshine.

2) I use the laptop at several locations and have to change access-point 
using the Networking Monitor for instance. Recently this have been a 
pain and make me reboot the maskin. As soon the new access-point are 
accepted and a new ip have been recieved Postfix and several other 
applications stops working (some times even Gnome-panel) and not accept 
the change. A restart of the applications does not start the show again 
(/etc/init.d/postfix restart). Only a reboot helps. Using the wireless 
ipw2100 chip (Centrino).

3) Screen-saver some times freezes the machine, not even changeing to a 
console works. This happens three och four times a day, the box are 
always freezed to ice in the mornings.

Any idées?

....''`. Anders Wallenquist, anders.wallenquist at kreawit.se
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..`..`'. http://www.kreawit.se
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