is there anyway to for me to allow another user to login same time as me

James Gray james at
Thu Jun 30 21:57:10 UTC 2005

On Fri, 1 Jul 2005 04:06 am, Mustafa Abbasi wrote:
> i have one computer for the entire family.
> i am continously working either downloading or something else. thing which
> do not recive logginf out well.
> i was wondering if my parents could login without me logging out and my
> procceses stopping.
> you know like in windows xp.
> don't think i am trying to copy windows and bash me please.
> this would essentially solve many probs
> and prevent my parent from destroying the computer by giving them less
> powers.

Not wanting to start a holy war of desktops, but KDE has a neat "new session" 
and "switch user" feature right on the "K-menu" (think "Start Menu" al la 
Windows).  If the screen saver has kicked in and has a password, you can 
start a new user session right off the "enter password to unlock" dialogue 
box.  So you don't even need to be around if you've left your machine running 
and someone else wants to start a new session.

When a new session is created, the existing sessions still run without any 
loss of data etc - your programs are still running.  Be warned though, user 
switching in KDE can quickly chew RAM.  512MB would be a recommended minimum 
IMHO, and a fast CPU never goes astray with KDE :)

I'm not sure how entrenched in Gnome you are but if this user switching 
feature is a "must have" then KDE might be a suitable solution.

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