Suggestion: Installation Program for Windows

michael installer at
Thu Jun 30 21:41:30 UTC 2005

 > > anybody who goes through so much trouble will probably be better of
 > > with a live distro

 > looks like a livecd installer is the goal.

If I want to show someone what linux is, a LiveCD is the right tool to 
use, and a LiveCD installer would be even better.  However, many Windows 
users do not even know how to burn a CD.  They know how to download and 
install programs like AIM or WinZip, but they have no idea what to do 
with an ISO image.  A program that would allow inexperienced users to 
install linux as easily as AIM or WinZip would open up linux to many 
more people.

> For breezy they are working on an OEM installer to
> "Provide an installation method which is suitable for OEMs."
> That could be used for the first boot part.

Good thought.

> I think once you can do the process manually successfully and
> reliable, someone could then help with the programming details.
> And with the breezy pieces you could use out of the box peices
> it looks like. I have no experience with WINGRUB or GRUB4DOS,
> but if you can provide a howto on the process you want tested
> i could probably test in the windows lab at school.

I actually have done this process manually.  I've just created a wiki 
page at to 
describe the procedure.  Let me know how it goes for you.

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