is there anyway to for me to allow another user to login same time as me

john levin john at
Thu Jun 30 18:16:25 UTC 2005

Mustafa Abbasi wrote:
> i have one computer for the entire family.
> i am continously working either downloading or something else. thing which 
> do not recive logginf out well.
> i was wondering if my parents could login without me logging out and my 
> procceses stopping.
> you know like in windows xp.
> don't think i am trying to copy windows and bash me please.
> this would essentially solve many probs 
> and prevent my parent from destroying the computer by giving them less 
> powers.

Try xnest.
This allows you to run an xserver within an xserver, and so log in as
another user.
Bit buggy, but IMHO a great app.



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