Breezy Trick

Sean C Sieger sean.sieger at
Thu Jun 30 16:34:59 UTC 2005

Stephen R Laniel <steve at> writes:

> 1) Do a regular apt-get upgrade without capturing the
> errors.
> 1a) Something goes wrong -- I get an apt-get upgrade error
> telling me that one package or another failed to install
> correctly. Installation aborts.
> 2) I run apt-get upgrade again, this time capturing the
> errors (because the installation will still have the same
> errors, in all likelihood, that it did in step 1a)):
> sudo sh -c "apt-get upgrade 2>1 1> ~/apt-get.log"
> I have not tested the above command, so you may need to
> experiment a bit. The 'sh -c' bit gets around the
> difficulties of 'sudo' interacting with '>'.
> Assuming that command worked all right, you've now got
> whatever errors you encountered in ~/apt-get.log.
> (Sometimes I'll run the apt-get command from within
> vim and have the errors spat directly into my document, via
> :r !sh -c "apt-get upgrade 2>1 1> ~/apt-get.log"
> )
> That's the basic gist. Good luck, and we're here to help.

Nice. See ya in a few.

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