rubinstein ulist at
Thu Jun 30 15:42:24 UTC 2005

Hi Norman,

I have almost the same printer as you (a Epson Stylus Photo R200 -
printing should be exactly the same as the R300, the R300 has afaik
additional card reader capabilities) and also a digital camera (albeit
not the best one - a Canon A95)

I fiddled long enough with paper, ink and printer drivers, but now i
really have professional looking prints with no border.

I recommend that you learn the GIMP - it will be worth the time. See,
you will always get the new version at (almost) zero cost. Once you
know it, you can use it your whole life :-)

These links will help: - main site - GIMP documentation - Working with Digital Camera
Photos - Tutorials

In order to print with the GIMP you have to configure it first to use
the right printer.


The printer drive coming with Ubuntu is a free software driver -
unfortunately, for the Epson Stylus Photo R** it is not mature (yet). I
tried to use it first, but the quality is not the same as in Windows. If
you fiddle a bit with the colors, it gets better, but unfortunately
there is no borderless printing option. I think it will get better in
time though (see 

But there is a company called turboprint which produces high quality
printer drivers; you can download a trial version to test it
( Yes, it costs money, but in my
case I think it was worth it. Now I do all my photo printing
exclusively with Linux. 

Another note: I tried an other ink than the original Epson ink and read
a lot of ink reviews - I also tried different papers - believe me, the
easiest thing to do is to use original supplies. It doesn't matter so
much if you just print documents and graphics (then you can use other
and cheaper inks and papers), but photos are another thing.

If you need more help, just ask.



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