a future with hurdles for ubuntu

Christian Toldnes christian.toldnes at gmail.com
Thu Jun 30 14:17:30 UTC 2005

On 6/29/05, Duncan Lithgow <duncan at lithgow-schmidt.dk> wrote:
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> Alexander Volovics wrote:
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> >Everything else should be rejected outright by a majority of the
> >parliament and not be sent back to the EU council for change or
> >amemdments. And certainly the unelected EU commission should keep
> >its dirty, business lobby tainted, paws off the bill.
> I agree with what you've said, but this last bit is impossible. It is
> the commission that proposes ligislation to the parliament. Nothing in
> the EU exists without having been through their 'dirty, business lobby
> tainted, paws'. Sad and annoying isn't it...

The only problem concerning EU is in my opinion that EU portraits to
be a democracy with its parliament and commission, while it's apparent
that the EU is no more democratic than any other regime where the same
power cell both makes and executes the law.

If only people knew... :)


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