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Paul M. Bucalo ubuntuser at
Thu Jun 30 13:20:54 UTC 2005

On Thu, 2005-06-30 at 08:26 -0400, manicka wrote:
> Paul,
> I noticed that your message comes from the ubuntu-users mailing list.
> Does this mean that you reply to this thread through the mailing list
> rather than the forum interface?

Yes, that is correct. 

It seems there has been some discussion on this before without any clear
understanding that the two are connected to the same message base.
That's what I have derived from the quick scanning of past discussions.
The lists that I have subscribed to in the past (and currently do) are
managed in this way. I would have thought that an axiom. After all, why
would anyone want it differently? It would only faction the users into
two separate groups.

>  Perhaps that is causing the problem
> with faulty links and extra lines in posts.

The extra lines....easily a possibility. A conversion is going on
between the forum's interface language controlling message output and
the eventual list server's emails to us.

The faulty links issue was obviously at my end. As I mentioned before,
links in Evo have not always opened up Firefox in Ubuntu (my
installation). If Firefox is open, no problem. I posted a different link
that I had to research manually for, not knowing what your original one
was, to help anyone else that had the same problem. There wasn't any
intent on my part to 'correct' you.

That I see Tiny URL links, instead of the complete URL, is a unique
phenomenon at my end. *No one else's* posted links come to me in this
way. If this is a by-product of replying to a forum post via the list,
this would be the first time I have experienced it. Maybe worth doing
some internal experimenting on and seeing if reproducible? And if this
is reproducible, is it something that really needs addressing? The Tiny
URL links work correctly for me, *now*.


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