I hate windows but i keep on comming back

Niket Patel niket79 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 30 13:02:16 UTC 2005

Add CAD (Computer Aided Designing) In List.
there is no alternative to AutoCAD.

If available then I remove M$ from second partition.
I don't see in near future it will available.


On 6/29/05, Steve Torrefranca <javacide at gmail.com> wrote:
> it makes me wonder even the geekiest linux user in the office (who loves
> crackers BTW) is running a dual-boot system and tells me its not a good
> idea to get rid of windows. By the looks of it M$ Wdows is essential
> and Linux an alternative? can most users kick out windows 100%?
> my answer is no. Why?
> 1. video conference. (works with Linux-Linux but how avout Linux to Mac
> or Win)
> 2. g*ddm Macromedia who love Billy Gee so much... (how are free
> emulators doing now-a-days? should they be placed as priority). Nvu is
> fine but dreamweaver still kicks ***z.
> 3. tried using Gimp but I still love Photoshop.
> other than these 3 I can say goodbye to M$ home ed.
> steve
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