Steve Torrefranca javacide at
Thu Jun 30 10:55:33 UTC 2005

hi norman,

there is a website dedicated for this


Norman Silverstone wrote:

>I want to restart an old hobby of mine - photography. In the old days I
>had a camera which used film and a darkroom with an enlarger, chemicals
>and various pieces of processing equipment. Now, I have a digital
>camera, a computer running Ubuntu and a colour printer. I can transfer
>my photographs from my camera to my computer, look at them, even
>manipulate them and that is as far as I can go. So, can someone please
>help me.
>The only software I have is gThumb, which is good to start with and Gimp
>which is far too complicated. I have an Epson Stylus Photo R300 colour
>printer and I can print from gThumb but not from Gimp. Furthermore,
>gThumb produces prints with a 20mm border, which cannot be altered. 20mm
>is far too big, 2mm to 5mm would be acceptable but I would prefer no
>border at all.
>So, friends what do I do? The obvious is to revert to Windows where I
>can find all the software I could possibly want but I would prefer not
>to do this. There must be other people here who are practical
>photographers and don't have all their photographs commercially
>processed. So, what is my next step.

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