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James Cummings cummings.james at
Thu Jun 30 09:51:59 UTC 2005

On 6/30/05, Chanchao <custom at> wrote:
> James,
> JC> Erm, no I wasn't clear enough in my original posting.  What I mean is
> JC> there is no separate package for it, no separate menu items, nothing
> JC> to *tell* people it is there (except
> JC> file->new->database)...To start a
> JC> database it is *ridiculous* to force users to load openoffice2 Writer
> JC> then do file->>new-database...  Now do you see my point?
> Keep in mind that what you're looking at is beta. Looking at a
> recent beta release for Windows, it does have a separate icon for
> Base.

I guess that was why I was wondering that there is no separate icon
for it in the debian and ubuntu packages -- I first tried it on
windows (in vmware in linux to be fair!).

> So let's not worry about it now.


> Also in this recent version, it still seems like this is the part of
> Oo2 which still needs the most work.

Strangely, it seemed to work fine in windows, but in ubuntu complains
when I try to make a new table about some driver missing.  Obviously
still a ways to go.  Ah well.

(Who has happily just received a ShipIt box of 50 Ubuntu CDs to give
away at conferences! *Grin*)

James Cummings, Cummings dot James at GMail dot com

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