No sound after using HowTo- a kludge ?

Benjamin Zeller zeller at
Thu Jun 30 07:46:52 UTC 2005

On Wednesday 29 June 2005 18:00, Peter Garrett wrote:

> Hi Benni,

Hi Peter,

> I know next to nothing about sound configuration, but I also followed the 
same howto. What I have now done is to disable esd (esound) *completely* on 
this machine. I simply made it so that esd can't be executed:
> sudo chmod -x /usr/bin/esd

Seems not necessary, because it's working now - even with esd still running.
I just redid the HowTo, maybe I had a mistiped line due to not doing 

> I'm sure this will horrify the purists ;) There is no doubt a better way - 
but *every* sound problem I was having seemed to relate to this esd daemon. 
Without it, I am using the oss output of xmms/ beep-media-player without 
problems. I can also play sound with xine-based apps like totem-xine or 
xfmedia. Rhythmbox seems to play happily enough as well. There may be some 
disadvantages to what I've done (system sounds in gnome need to be turned off 
- not a great loss as far as I'm concerned). 

I am using alsa in mplayer and xmms and everything's great. Even Firefox is 
playing sound in flashfiles (it introduces alsa as default).

> You might want to try this - it's easy to reverse it if it doesn't work for 
you ( sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/esd ) . Restarting alsa with  
sudo /etc/init.d/alsa restart  might be necessary as well... can't quite 
remember, as it's now been a while since I did this. 

Well, as I said --> quite happy now ;-)

> Peter


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