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Chanchao wrote:
~ > I actually never understood this problem because in the Application
| menu, under 'System Tools' there is "Root Terminal" is there not?  So I
| don't understand everyone who says that root is disabled?  (Or perhaps I
| enabled it early on without thinking and now I can't remember anymore..?)

I've got this in my menu also so it must be there by default.

| Also 'su' just works for me..  The only problem really is with the
| regular windows where you move and copy files.  Because the whole
| environemtn doesn't run as root this whole file management business is a
| bit of a toy / joke really.

Not sure if I understand you here.

"sudo su" will give you root in a terminal without setting the root
environment variables.  You will see that you are still in whatever
directory you were in before.

"sudo su -" will also give you root in a terminal but the environment
variables are set and you will see that you are also placed in the /root
directory, which is your home directory when root.

"sudo nautilus" will give you a graphical file utility with root
capabilities.  (Be very careful with this one.)

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