Two things missing from Ubuntu - Backup and Firewall - can we havethem in Horay

steven_ellis ulist at
Thu Jun 30 00:53:32 UTC 2005

grakhul Wrote: 
> I have found a solution to all of your back up problems, and it is
> called *PARTIMAGE*! echo(image image image).  It's located in synaptic.
> Once you have installed it.  Go to terminal and sudo to root <*sudo
> su*>.  run the command *partimage*.  This will bring up a back up tool
> that can create a back disk image of your computer.  A disc image is
> better because it is like a snapshot of your hardisc.  Partimage can
> make bootable images too, it's not hard.  Partimage can make backups
> over a network, and it is not hard.  Partimage can zip files using
> various methods gzip bzip and bz2 and it is not hard. Partimage ask you
> to specify the sizes of your images and will break them up into that
> size so you can spread your back up across multiple cd's if your back
> up is a large one, and it's not hard.

It is a damn good tool for a full backup, but we need an good tool that
supports regular and incremental backups. Kdar is quite good, but I'd
like to see proper support for spooling out to DVD-R or some other



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