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Sam Hiser shiser at
Wed Jun 29 22:08:25 UTC 2005

On Wed, 2005-06-29 at 21:00 +0200, Weiers Coetser wrote:
> Thank you for the help... I used Synaptic to install the version two
> and it immediately appeared in my menus and started up when I clicked
> on it. I however find that when I double click on a Word or SXW
> document from the file manager it still automatically opens into the
> older version 1.1.3 of Open Office.

.sxw documents are associated in your environment with OOo113.  You can
change that if you wish.

Keep in mind that OOo2 has a different file format -- called
"OpenDocument," with different characteristics and filename extensions
-- than OOo113 and your OOo2-created files will not open in OOo113.  One
needs to plan one's migration, and decide when and which format to
default to.

> The new open office Icons also do not display ... there is just some
> generic icon.

They will after a log-out and log-in.  Or you can drag the icons to the
desktop or panel and right-click the icon to open Properties where you
can browse and set the path to the nice new colored set of icons for any
or each module.  The path is

Steps -- if that's helpful -- possibly can be given by someone who has
more time.

-Sam Hiser

> I just read that I might have to log out and log in. Will try that,
> otherwise I will be asking how I can make open office 1.9.7 the
> default application. (Should I have uninstalled 1.1.3 completely
> before installing version two?)
> Thanks again.

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