I hate windows but i keep on comming back

Scott J. Henson scotth at csee.wvu.edu
Wed Jun 29 21:14:19 UTC 2005

Serg Belokamen wrote:

>Emulators ... Have a look at VMWare (not free but definately worth
>every dollar, we use it here to test stuff in IE, people also have
>iTunes installed on it and everything through VMWare)  and its open
>source couterpart qmenu or something, I dont recall the name right
>now, sorry.
I second the sentimate about VMWare.  We use it for development here and
the snapshot/restore feature is killer.  Also running windows ontop of
my Ubuntu system works beautifully every time when I need to test stuff
on Windows. 

As for wine, I have had too many problems with it, just go vmware,
especially if your going to pay for crossover.

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