for everyone whose sick of sudo read this

Stephen Ward s.ward at
Wed Jun 29 20:38:30 UTC 2005

I see the fact that this is areally bad idea has been well covered, so
I'll quickly say thats not why I am sending this.  But I will say this
is a very backwards way of setting a root password.  Simply go "sudo
passwd" and set a password - much easier *shrug*

I will put my 2c in though.  I do have a root account set up on my
boxes, of course I never use it but it is a good last resort eg.  I had
a user edit /etc/sudoers and broke it.  sudo wouldn't work.  It was a
production machine so recovery mode was not ideal - the root password
was a life saver.  But using it for everyday stuff, especially running
gnome as root is a very very bad idea.

Mustafa Abbasi wrote:

> well when i installed ubuntu the one thing i hated was that i could
> not login as root.
> hated it.
> so i found i work around.
> 1. start your computer and select the recovery option from grub.
> 2. now you are automatically root.
> 3. change the root password.[ iam not sure about the command since it
> was some time ago but i think it is passwd.
> 4. enter the new password
> 5. now restart your computer
> 6.login to gnome as a regular user
> 7.go to system --->admininstration---->login screen setup
> go to security and and root to login.
> 9. restart and login as root.
> have fun

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