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Scott Sweeny ssweeny at
Wed Jun 29 19:22:42 UTC 2005

>  I just read that I might have to log out and log in. Will try that,
> otherwise I will be asking how I can make open office 1.9.7 the default
> application. (Should I have uninstalled 1.1.3 completely before installing
> version two?)
You don't have to even log out and log back in... just run 'killall
gnome-panel' and the panel will reload with your pretty new OOo2

To make it the default editor, for both a .sxw file and a .doc file
right click, select Properties, then the Open With tab.  There should
be entries for " 2 Writer" or something similar...
select the radio button next to that option and it should use OOo2 as

~Scott Sweeny
ssweeny at

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