for everyone whose sick of sudo read this

Simon Ward simon at
Wed Jun 29 18:31:39 UTC 2005

Mustafa Abbasi wrote:
> well when i installed ubuntu the one thing i hated was that i could not 
> login as root.
> hated it.
> so i found i work around.
> 9. restart and login as root.
> have fun

As others have said, bad idea.  When your box gets compromised, please
don't go running around saying it's because Ubuntu (or any other
GNU/Linux distribution) isn't secure.

Everyday tasks can be done as a normal user.  Administrative tasks
should be required much less often, and are usually only one-offs where
you will run an administrative program or an edit of a couple of config 

I don't have a problem using sudo normally.  One possible problem is
having to enter a password (which can be changed), but sudo "remembers"
this for a while.  Another possible problem is remembering to precede
administrative commands with 'sudo ', a habit soon picked up.

If you cannot get used to using sudo, you could try something like 'sudo
bash' to get a root shell.  If you do that, please don't use it to run
programs that do not require root access.

Another thought that just occurred to me is that you could setup some
aliases in your ~/.bashrc for commonly used administrative commands, for
example: alias apt-get='sudo apt-get'

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