how do i use apt-get

Norman Silverstone norman at
Wed Jun 29 18:15:02 UTC 2005

> You're missing the point....and getting too complicated.
> APT stands for the Advanced Package Tool.  Its was originally developed 
> for rpm systems (and is still used on some) but it is predominately 
> used on Debian systems.  It is, however, a command-line tool with a 
> number of archaic structures, so to make it easier to use, others 
> developed front-ends to APT, and incorporated "apt" in the name 
> (synaptic and aptitude are two such tools).
> Synaptic might be in a medical dictionary, but in this context its just 
> a name to differentiate this tool from other tools.

Thank you very much indeed. That seems to make good sense and I can go
along with it.


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