how do i use apt-get

Graham gct3 at
Wed Jun 29 16:37:31 UTC 2005

On Wednesday 29 Jun 2005 11:09, squareyes wrote:

> according to my medical dictionary,
> synapse  -  The functional junction between 2 neurons, a region of
> protoplasmic contiguity, but not continuity.
> synaptic - pertaining to to a synapse.
> Sounds reasonable to me, Synaptic Package Manager does a similar
> function, gathers packages and installs, similar to nerve  function
> :-)

You're missing the point....and getting too complicated.

APT stands for the Advanced Package Tool.  Its was originally developed 
for rpm systems (and is still used on some) but it is predominately 
used on Debian systems.  It is, however, a command-line tool with a 
number of archaic structures, so to make it easier to use, others 
developed front-ends to APT, and incorporated "apt" in the name 
(synaptic and aptitude are two such tools).

Synaptic might be in a medical dictionary, but in this context its just 
a name to differentiate this tool from other tools.


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