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Jorge Rivera jriveravega at
Wed Jun 29 12:47:17 UTC 2005

Hi Arjan.
Sorry, but i don't agree with your last statement, maybe a little bit.
My point is, there are Profesional tools and Amateurs tools, i'm not
talking about a hammer which anyone can use, but let's say cameras,
there are plain basic cameras with just one button for taking the
shot, no matter what button u push the camera take the shot, and there
are pro camera with a lot of intimidating control knobs that a newbie
has no idea what are they about (at least without reading the manual),
my point is ┬┐which one is better? ┬┐which one has more flexibility?. I
mean, i am with user friendly OS but not at the cost of flexibility.
If you take the time (i guess at the end it's all about time) to learn
more about the PRO camera, you'll end taking far better shots, and,
the more u learn the pro will be your shots.
That's my 2 cents.
> This is just plain wrong. Users should NOT be required to read a
> manual before they can use something. A product (whether application,
> appliance or airplane) should be as straightforward to use as
> possible. Why place the burden on the user when it really should be on
> the designer? This technocratic vision has to stop, the sooner the
> better. The time for User Centred Design has come. And it does not
> involve reading manuals!
> Arjan.
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