how do i use apt-get

Norman Silverstone norman at
Wed Jun 29 12:33:37 UTC 2005

On Wed, 2005-06-29 at 13:30 +0200, Ante Karamatić wrote:
> On Wed, 2005-06-29 at 13:19 +0200, Arjan Geven wrote:
> > Yes, you are right, it describes nicely what it does. It manages
> > packages. But what are packages, and why do they need to be managed?
> > See my point?
> "What are keys?" "I don't want it to display 'Press any key to
> continue', cause I don't know what keys are. Stoopid programers."
> > This is just plain wrong. Users should NOT be required to read a
> > manual before they can use something. A product (whether application,
> > appliance or airplane) should be as straightforward to use as
> > possible. Why place the burden on the user when it really should be on
> > the designer? This technocratic vision has to stop, the sooner the
> > better. The time for User Centred Design has come. And it does not
> > involve reading manuals!
> Earth to Arjan, call in Arjan :)

I always thought we were supposed to friendly towards each other and
this discussion seems anything but that. Now, stop being nasty and tell
me what Synaptic means please.


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