how do i use apt-get

Arjan Geven arjangeven at
Wed Jun 29 11:19:57 UTC 2005

> So, Mozilla Web Broser is friendly, and Synaptic Package Manager isn't?
> Why? They both have entry ProgramName ProgramFunction.

True, true. The difference is that I know what a web browser does. It
allows me to browse the web. What a package manager does? I have no
problem with $ProgramName, but why must $ProgramFunction be

Yes, you are right, it describes nicely what it does. It manages
packages. But what are packages, and why do they need to be managed?
See my point?

Labeling items is nontrivial at least, and I'm willing to claim that
correct and helpful labels are one of the most important things for
new users to understand something new. Using familiar wordings would
help these new users. A lot. For example, this whole thread (and many
others on the mailing list and/or forums) would not have been
necessary with carefully chosen labels and wordings.

> OK, I think the Synaptic part isn't called for. I mean, you are
> supposed to read documentation before using something, that's what I do
> with lets say, a DV-camera or my brandnew satellite-reciever.

This is just plain wrong. Users should NOT be required to read a
manual before they can use something. A product (whether application,
appliance or airplane) should be as straightforward to use as
possible. Why place the burden on the user when it really should be on
the designer? This technocratic vision has to stop, the sooner the
better. The time for User Centred Design has come. And it does not
involve reading manuals!


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