Steve Torrefranca javacide at
Wed Jun 29 10:59:25 UTC 2005

thanks dennis,

never thought there was a java repository... i have to inform java-forum
on this one.  so thats where 1.4 is hiding.  maybe someone suggest to
move 1.4 to hoary too.  I know you can add both sources but for the sake
of those poor java dudes who are only using hoary. 1.4 and 1.5 are
REALLY different animals.

j2sdk 1.4 is in:
deb warty java

while j2sdk 1.5.0 is in:
deb hoary java



Dennis Kaarsemaker wrote:

>On wo, 2005-06-29 at 17:21 +0700, Andi Gmail wrote:
>>Can I install java in ubuntu? such as j2se or eclipse
>Yes, you can install the package from backports or use make-jpkg to make
>your own package. Do NOT use the instructions on
> is a better source of info.

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