how do i use apt-get

squareyes squareyes at
Wed Jun 29 10:09:34 UTC 2005

Norman Silverstone wrote:

>I am relatively new to Linux and when I first saw the word Synaptic I
>felt the same as Chanchao but now, after several months, I am not sure.
>I agree, it is a lot more than getting, installing and removing software
>but I think that that is it's main purpose. Perhaps if I new exactly
>what Synaptic meant I would be more comfortable with the name. Can
>anybody help please?
according to my medical dictionary,
synapse  -  The functional junction between 2 neurons, a region of
protoplasmic contiguity, but not continuity.
synaptic - pertaining to to a synapse.

Sounds reasonable to me, Synaptic Package Manager does a similar function,
gathers packages and installs, similar to nerve  function :-)

Take Care

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