I hate windows but i keep on comming back

James Gray james at grayonline.id.au
Wed Jun 29 09:47:22 UTC 2005

On Wed, 29 Jun 2005 06:43 pm, Steve Torrefranca wrote:
> Chanchao / James
> both of you are right, there are laptops sold without pre-installed M$.
> I saw one HP with Mandrake (but still love IBM though they dont support
> linux users here in taiwan d4mn!).  But that wasnt the point.

Sorry dude - missed that :P

> It isnt because there are no hardware with no built in M$ or no laptop
> with a sticker saying built for wndwz xp, rather you have to buy it in
> case somebody gives you a file or you need to install a M$ only tool/app

Nup.  I work in an M$ shop, all my cow-orkers use Win2k/XP, all our 
authentication/file/print/etc is done with AD.  I use Kubuntu exclusively 
on my work-supplied laptop and don't have any problems doing my job or 
communicating electronically - both internally and externally.

If someone either from our company or remotely sends me some something I 
can't open (recently, like an MS-Project file - .mpp ), I throw it back at 
them and tell them to put it in PDF/PS/OpenOffice/etc or something I *can* 
open.  In this case the MS-Project file was unnecessary; we use a web-based 
project management tool that "generates" .mpp files (among other formats, 
including Excel which I *can* open), they only needed to send me the 
freaking URL :P

> or you need to pay a 3D game or my wife/kid might crave for a new toy
> that has no linux drivers yet or video editing (i really love mac movie
> maker).  Its like buying a full course meal when you only want the
> drinks - and your not even sure you'll like it.

Once again - don't buy games/toys that aren't supported in Linux - I don't 
play games so maybe I shouldn't really comment about those.  Support 
manufacturers that support your right to choose :) (OK, video editing is an 
area that manufacturers DO need to wake up about and start supporting 

My wife prefers WinXP (go figure?) so I don't mind paying for it with her 
PC.  I've even managed to get it to play nice with my Linux servers @ home.  
I'm not out to overthrow the resident players^Wevil, (M$ et al), I'm about 
supporting what F/OSS is about: choice.

There is room in this world for many OS'es, both closed and open source, I 
just want the right to choose which one best suits a given 
situation/user/system (Stallman and I disagree here....but what the heck!).

> i dont often use windows and  i dont even like using it, but I always
> end up paying for it in case I MIGHT NEED IT.  when will we get rid of
> this "MIGHT NEED IT" insecurity?

Meh - I just bit the bullet and jumped in boots-and-all.  That was 6 years 
ago and I've never regretted it.  Now my boss has even let me spec out a 
new lappy for myself so that it plays nice with Ubuntu/Kubuntu (AFAICT 
without actually having it in front of me yet - it's on order). Not bad 
considering we're an M$ shop :)


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