Mkcdrec and Ubuntu - Where's my kernel?

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Wed Jun 29 05:34:48 UTC 2005

I am now trying to get mkCDrec to work with Ubuntu.
mkCDrec is not able to find my Linux Kernel automatically.
I think it is looking for /usr/src/linux/.config
I need to put the kernel's location in mkCDrec's file but can't
out where it is.

This is probably a silly question (beginner) but here goes:

Where is my Linux Kernel?


>   I would like to make a backup of my system using "Make CD-ROM Recovery"
> Has anyone used this with Ubuntu?
> I haven't found it with apt-get or Synaptic.
> What would be the best way to get it installed?
> (couldn't get mondo-mindi to work)
> Thanks,
> Bradley
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