I hate windows but i keep on comming back

Serg Belokamen serg.belokamen at gmail.com
Wed Jun 29 04:45:00 UTC 2005

we dont use windows at work at all ! all developers use a single boot
linux machines. at home same thing, no windows at all.

GIMP vs Photoshop ... its a matter of personal choise and how serious
you are into graphics (my guess not that serious) from the sound of
things but in general, as you said "I like" ... personal preference.

Video ... sounds like you use MSN ... well generally if you are really
into video conferencing, you would use some CISCO equipment or
something along those lines that is in itself OS independant.

Dreamweaver is for layout, it is basically an over priced largly
bloated software that you would only use when you need to do some HTML
layouts.... It tries to be a bit of everything and nothing particular.
But its ok to make some broshure ware sites i guess.  If you actually
develop code you would use other tools that Linux is packed with open
source and proprietry.

Emulators ... Have a look at VMWare (not free but definately worth
every dollar, we use it here to test stuff in IE, people also have
iTunes installed on it and everything through VMWare)  and its open
source couterpart qmenu or something, I dont recall the name right
now, sorry.

In general just like you are saying no, i am saying yes... I havent
used windows for a long time now and I am infront of a machine for
atleast 14 hours a day on avg. Its completely dependant on what you
are doing and what you are trying to do.
On 29/06/05, Steve Torrefranca <javacide at gmail.com> wrote:
> it makes me wonder even the geekiest linux user in the office (who loves
> crackers BTW) is running a dual-boot system and tells me its not a good
> idea to get rid of windows.  By the looks of it M$ Wdows is essential
> and Linux an alternative? can most users kick out windows 100%?
> my answer is no.  Why?
> 1. video conference. (works with Linux-Linux but how avout Linux to Mac
> or Win)
> 2. g*ddm Macromedia who love Billy Gee so much... (how are free
> emulators doing now-a-days? should they be placed as priority). Nvu is
> fine but dreamweaver still kicks ***z.
> 3. tried using Gimp but I still love Photoshop.
> other than these 3 I can say goodbye to M$ home ed.
> steve
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