Moving from Debian to Ubuntu

hagen van rissenbeck news4didascali at
Tue Jun 28 21:49:24 UTC 2005

Hi, Sandip,:


> First, is it possible to install Ubuntu on a separate partition so the
> system can boot either in Windows 98 or Debian or Ubuntu?

Yes, it is...

Once, I set up manually a triple boot system using lilo. But ubuntu 
wasn't included at that time (XP, Mandrake and Xandros). One of the 
linuxes will install its lilo for example into mbr, for the other, I 
created for safety reasons a boot floppy. After  the installation of the 
3rd system I configured lilo and added the 2nd linux os. Take care: the 
last installation overwrites the preinstalled lilo, if you install linux 
- boot managers into mbr.

Actually, I'm using grub. When I installed ubuntu 5.04 it has written 
grub into the mbr. It detected a m$ win xp and a suselinux and 
integrated both well into the grub menu,.


> Thanks in advance

You're welcome

One last thought, also as a question to the list. I prefer creating a 
small /boot-partition (100 MB) at the beginning of the harddisk to avoid 
boot-problems with operation systems which are installed outside the 
1024-cyl.-section of the harddisk. Is that still necessary?


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