Windows go blank - graphics problem

Thiago Robert thiagorobert at
Tue Jun 28 21:00:39 UTC 2005

I'm having problmes with the graphical interface in Ubuntu 5.04 "The Hoary 
Hedgehog". Every once in a while the content of all windows goes blank or 
becomes all fuzzy (a weird mix of colors that looks like a TV when it isn't 
tunned in any channel). The only way of fixing it is restarting the graphica 
interface (ctrl+alt+backspace).

Besides, in firefox when I'm typing text and move the cursor around it 
leaves a trail (as if X didn't erase the cursor in its old position but draw 
it again in the new position).

I think the two problems are related since every time I had my windows going 
blank on me I also had firefox open. Is this a know issue? Are there any 

By the way, my graphics card is a nVidia GeForce Go 6200 128M. Should I 
install nVidia's linux driver with Ubuntu?

Thanks in advance.

Thiago Robert
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