Bad CRC halts Hoary startup!!

Lee McLain lee.mclain at
Tue Jun 28 20:26:31 UTC 2005

Hi everyone,
     I have run into a problem that I have never encountered before. 
I am running Ubuntu Hoary and I just did a update to several packages,
one of them being the linux-image-2.6.10-5-386.  The other packages
were just supplemental software, nothing to do with the guts of the
    After the update, I restarted the machine and after grub, it
starts up and gives me a "bad crc error" or something like that, and
then halts.  I then tried the recovery entry on the grub menu and got
the same result.
    Has anyone else run into this problem and what was done to remedy
it?  I have two other systems with Unbuntu Hoary on them and I am
afraid to update that package for fear of another dead system.

Lee McLain

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