Problem with Apache2.

wayne infotechsys at
Tue Jun 28 15:54:44 UTC 2005

I'm running ubuntu's Hoary system and I recently
went to Apache2. I used Synaptic to completely
remove Apache and PHP4.By completely, I mean
I selected the option in Synaptic to remove 
the scripts also. The problem I'm having is that
it still appears that I have some of the old
Apache system around.In my current Apache
config file, which is now called "apache2.conf",
I have no DocumentRoot directive, yet when
I try to run the sample php4 script to test
if thing got install properly, I get an
error in my error.log that /var/www file
cannot be found. This was the value
assign to my old DocumentRoot directive.
I tried searching the net to see if I should
add this directive, DocumentRoot, to my
config file, but nothing was found.I'm not sure
if Debian meet to leave this out.Also, why
is Apache2 looking for /var/www when this
value is not in my current config file?

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