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Well, I do not know if this is what you are looking for, but you could set 
Ubuntu up with the option of opening files as root from the GUI. A good 
discussion of this is at

With that you should be able to do just about anything that you would do as 
sudo from the command line without logging in as root. Does that help?


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> i am fine with sudo but i hate it that the gui cannot do it.
> is there anyway to set sudo to the gui.
> is ubuntu really want to be easy then it should not force ppl to go go in 
> to
> the command line
> everytime they want to install or write file to disk.
> just now i had to change the permissions of a file so azureus can write to
> it.
> i only manged it because i have a book on linux with me else i would not
> know what to do.
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