more java packages in ubuntu

Steve Torrefranca javacide at
Tue Jun 28 09:58:36 UTC 2005

i have seen eclipse in breezy and j2sdk1.5 (java5) in hoary which is
great news for java developers.

who maintains these java packages?  is there a particular group that
does this so we can submit our suggestions and comments?

for instance:
1. j2sdk1.5 is very new and a lot of java developers don't use it yet
because of new stuff that sun added into it like java generics and
developers prefer 1.4 (which can be downloaded also to
avoid a parade of warnings.
2. maybe it would be a good idea to include eclipse ver 3.1 too and some
of its plugins?
3. other free IDEs will help like Netbeans.
4. apache tomcat and jboss?

i am not trying to be lazy here or i don't want people telling me
download it yourself.

in our java forums most of the questions that people ask there is on
installation and how to set-up java environment.  I guess if we provide
linux newbies with an easier way to install these basic tools people
will switch to linux.  for long time windows user its not easy to get
these stuff installed when some of them are downloaded as rpm, bin,
gzip, etc.  and sometimes its really intimidating.  when i was starting
linux (debian) few years ago, i struggled in this issue and every time i
need to run a java app i need to do it from the terminal.  Right now its
really easy!  even adding a launcher for eclipse or jboss is easy.

honestly i find it ridiculous for java programmers to use windows for
development when most of the stuff that we make end up in a linux server
- and most of us are... or at least in this side of the planet called
Asia.  and i cant see why we cant develop in linux when these tools can
run in any platform.  I guess installation is key. 


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