getting off this mailing list

Emil Oppeln-Bronikowski opi at
Tue Jun 28 08:43:46 UTC 2005

On Tuesday 28 of June 2005 12:37, johan buys wrote:

> Most of what you find hard to do or are lacking for you is there!

 Thank you for sharing your opinion with us. I think you should not post such 
e-mails because there's lots of people here that contribute thier free time 
(or work time, for that matter) to help on Ubuntu-related problems. It's not 
thier fault that you can't handle your mails. 

 Ubuntuguide and other Ubuntu-FAQ-stuff is based on users contribution & 
mailing list contribution. 

 Emil Oppeln-Bronikowski,
 The only source of knowledge is experience.

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