Dual Head, Xinerama, and brightness

Daniel Cross dcross at woosh.com
Mon Jun 27 22:58:58 UTC 2005

Oh, what I meant was, I have to have both at a depth of 16, if I have both at a depth of 24, then on my second monitor the picture is cut in half and only the top half is visible (note this is not squashed but actually cut)

Glad to see I'm not the only one with the brightness issue.

- Daniel

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On Tue, 2005-06-28 at 09:52 +1200, Daniel Cross wrote:
> 1) I have to run the screen depths at 16.  If I run at 24 the 17ยก only
> displays the top half of the display.

unlike Windows, which can handle different resolutions on each monitor,
Linux can't do the same. As to what I've heard it's xinerama's fault ;)

> 2) The brightness of this screen is horrible.  I have the brightness
> up 100% on the monitor, but it is still very dim.

I too have this problem, I have the brightness and contrast to 100% but
colors are not what they should be. The darker stuff, such as the
wallpaper and gkrellm, tends to get darker when there's something
brighter, like a white page in abiword or evolution.

I have a nVidia GeForce MX4000 and my resolution is 1024x768x24. I've
tried to modify the settings on the nvidia-settings but got the same
results :(
It's hard to watch a movie in these conditions. If anyone knows how to
fix this, please help

Luis Murillo M.
lmurillo at gmx.net
Heredia, Costa Rica

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