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Mon Jun 27 22:29:51 UTC 2005

Daniel Cross wrote:

>Oh no, yet another editor argument...
>vim's good, I'm just too lazy to type the extra character to open it,
>and usually vi suffices ;)
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>On Monday 27 June 2005 23:31, Daniel Cross wrote:
>>I always find vi and gcc are great partners..
>Indeed they are, but i prefer vim ;-)
I hate to be a wet blanket     

I have the standard install

which vi
ls -l /usr/bin/vi

--->  /etc/alternatives/vi

ls -l  /etc/alternatives/vi

-->  /usr/bin/vim

Well, What now gang.....????

I think FreeBSD is the only one using vi..

Unless you hand install it...

Correct me if I am wrong..

I have been wrong at least twice.  <two ex-wives>



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