newly compiled kernel > 100MB

S. Donig my-mailfloods at
Mon Jun 27 21:00:22 UTC 2005

> It sounds like your talking about the kernel source.  The kernel source
> deb should be approximately 100megs.  It will have a name of
> kernel-source-<version> or linux-source-<version>.  The deb containing
> the actual kernel itself will be called kernel-image-<version> or
> linux-image-<version>.
It's definitely no source file.
> It sounds like you built the source some how.  What is the exact command
> you used to compile your kernel with?
make-kpkg clean
make menuconfig
make-kpkg kernel_image 
--append-to-version=r50p --initrd binary

Are there any indirect dependencies for building a kernel, is e.g. a
libc6-upgrade required for Kernels larger 2.6.10 [the last version I
could built normally]? 

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