Suggestion for wireless PC-card 802.11b / 802.11g with out-of-the-box support in Hoary

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Mon Jun 27 12:49:08 UTC 2005

Well, I bought this card Saturday:

plugged it in and it just worked. So I really don't know the answers to most 
of your questions because I haven't had to touch it. ;-)

I have a D-Link DWL-2100AP wireless 108G Access Point that it talks to.

On 6/27/05, Christian Toldnes <christian.toldnes at> wrote:
> I've been googling for hours for a suitable PC-card, but just about
> all the information available is about problems. I have that already,
> I need a solution. ;)
> I'l looking for a card that:
> 1. Is supported by a kernel driver included in the standard i686
> kernel packages for Hoary. The driver must not be ndiswrapper.
> 2. Known to work with wpa_supplicant or supports wpa in some other
> usable way. (Maybe this point is void but I'm new to wpa_supplicant
> and not sure if it's a generic thing or if it works with only some
> drivers/chipsets)
> 3. Someone on this list has actual experience with the card and can
> recommend it based on their experience.
> 4. Card available for me to purchase (Europe). The chipset name is not
> what I'm looking for, cards is. It seems to be hard to know what
> chipset a card fetaures, and that seems to change, so a specific card
> at some retailer is what I need.
> I know that support for 802.11g might be a showstopper in regards to
> my request, especially considering item 1), but 54Mbit still is my
> goal.
> Also, if a card is made to work with the combination of a
> non-ndiswrapper kernel driver and some firmware, that might be OK,
> provided enough people have good experiences with the card on Ubuntu.
> An open source driver provided by the chipset vendor may be suitable as 
> well.
> kind regards
> c
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