Suggestion for wireless PC-card 802.11b / 802.11g with out-of-the-box support in Hoary

Christian Toldnes christian.toldnes at
Mon Jun 27 11:14:19 UTC 2005

I've been googling for hours for a suitable PC-card, but just about
all the information available is about problems. I have that already,
I need a solution. ;)

I'l looking for a card that:

1. Is supported by a kernel driver included in the standard i686
kernel packages for Hoary. The driver must not be ndiswrapper.

2. Known to work with wpa_supplicant or supports wpa in some other
usable way. (Maybe this point is void but I'm new to wpa_supplicant
and not sure if it's a generic thing or if it works with only some

3. Someone on this list has actual experience with the card and can
recommend it based on their experience.

4. Card available for me to purchase (Europe). The chipset name is not
what I'm looking for, cards is. It seems to be hard to know what
chipset a card fetaures, and that seems to change, so a specific card
at some retailer is what I need.

I know that support for 802.11g might be a showstopper in regards to
my request, especially considering item 1), but 54Mbit still is my

Also, if a card is made to work with the combination of a
non-ndiswrapper kernel driver and some firmware, that might be OK,
provided enough people have good experiences with the card on Ubuntu.

An open source driver provided by the chipset vendor may be suitable as well.

kind regards


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