Firefox crash

Arjan Geven arjangeven at
Mon Jun 27 09:57:04 UTC 2005

On 6/26/05, Chip Piller <piller at> wrote:
> Hi,
> I downloaded firefox-1.04 from the web site and installed it in my
> home directory.  I changed the firefox launcher icon and properties to launch
> this version of firefox.
> You might be having a problem with your .mozilla files in your home directory,
> so you could try a) create a new user account and see if firefox will work for
> you if you login as the new user or b) in your home directory "mv .mozilla
> .mozilla.bak" and see if firefox will work then.
> --Chip

I tried removing certain files in ~/.mozilla, removing extensions,
removing the whole directory, but the same kind of error message kept
appearing about browser.xul.

Instead, I forced my Ubuntu to go back to the version of Firefox
that's in the default repositories (1.0.2 with security updates). This
caused me to lose some applications due to strange dependencies, but
at least my Firefox works again. I reinstalled most applications that
were lost and everything now works fine again. I'll just have to
remember that the backports are not always a reliable source for me as
I don't know how to fix problems as they occur (yet).

Thanks for all the replies,

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