Steve Torrefranca javacide at
Mon Jun 27 09:02:43 UTC 2005

Vincent Arnoux wrote:

> Hi,
> Matias Mola a écrit :
>> *Hi, I have the next question:*
>> ** *I'm a existing user of MS Outlook 6 and I have a 'http' count by
>> Hotmail. *
>> *If i want to use Firebird as current mail-client, how can i get a
>> Pop or an IMAP count on internet to configure with Firebird? If i
>> obtain this information, then i'll use Firebird as current mail-client.*
>> *Thanks.*
> Try to see if hotmail gives you acces to a POP account. I guess it
> would be something like "" if it exists (what I am
> really not sure).
> If not, you still can open a mail account on a webmail that supports
> POP or IMAP protocols (gmail for example).
> These POP or IMAP informations should be available on a help page of
> hotmail.
> Vincent
1. sorry I miss this one.  I think you mixed up firefox and thunderbird
making it a Firebird which is a database (used to be Interbase).

2. Seriously , though you can download hotmail thru Outlook for a fee ,
the last time I checked, hotmail is not integrated with thunderbird.
Therefore you can only use web mail.

3. If you want to have a free email account that has POP maybe I can
invite you to gmail so you can have a gmail account and get rid of
hotmail and maybe solves your problem. 

4. If your hotmail account is too important, try the non-free cross-over
office that will let you run office 2000 or XP not 2003 in linux. 


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