newly compiled kernel > 100MB

S. Donig my-mailfloods at
Mon Jun 27 06:26:49 UTC 2005

On So, 2005-06-26 at 08:15 -0700, Bob Nielsen wrote: 
> On Sun, Jun 26, 2005 at 11:17:57AM +0200, S. Donig wrote:
> > Hi list,
> > 
> > I bet it's stupid mistake. But compiling my kernels recently with
> > make-kpkg and creating an initrd I get *.debs larger 100 MB. I tried
> > plain vanillas just as Ubuntu's 6.12 sources. No immediately apparent
> > error-message during compile. 
> > Any idea highly welcome.
> > 
> No ideas, but I have compiled 2.6.12 three times (make-kpkg --initrd) 
> and the resultant .debs are between 17 and 19 MB.  
> Did you enable everything in .config?
Thanks, I appreciate your help. 
No. I have actually thrown a lot of extras out, as the kernel is
supposed to run on a laptop.
I did not install the corresponding kernel headers, though. Might that
have any effect? (I think build-essential is additionally required and
this package is up to date.) 

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